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Hello! My name is Tamina (some people call me Tammie). I am a follower of Jesus Christ, married to an amazing man, and I stay busy having a wonderful time at home with my son! I was born and raised in Southern California and I appreciate my Korean heritage, especially the food. I am passionate about raising my son (and future children) to love the Lord with all his heart, soul, strength, and mind.

Before I became a mama, I was a preschool teacher! So I love to take advantage of every opportunity to teach and craft. When I’m not busy playing with my son, I enjoy writing, DIY projects, puzzles, and cooking/baking. You can get a good idea of who I am on this blog, it has a little bit of everything I enjoy!



Our Story

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My husband, Josh, and I met through mutual friends at a Bible Study we attended. We actually went to high school together, but didn’t know each other! We were friends for two years until he began to pursue me. Even though our personalities are very different (I’m ESTJ and he’s INFP) we have a lot of common interests.

We dated for ten months before getting engaged. He proposed during a ‘welcome home dinner’ for a foster kid camp we served at together. And after eight months of planning, we got married in March in front of a gorgeous Victorian House.

We have been married for 5 years and welcomed our son, Matthew, into our family in 2016. Matthew was born prematurely at 34 weeks and although it could have been a fearful experience, God used Matthew’s birth to strengthen our marriage and trust in Him. We currently live in SoCal and enjoy going on adventures together!


Our Story

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Our family hashtag, #avneadventures, started on our first family-of-three trip to visit relatives in Vegas. Josh and I began a bucket list to visit all 50 states together when we started dating and now, we get to have Matthew join us! So far, we have explored Hawaii (honeymoon), Nevada, California (obviously), Washington, Florida, Tenessee, and are looking forward to exploring Kentucky and Arizona later this year!

Our life has been an adventure with joy, laughter, and tears together. The purpose of this blog is to share a glimpse of our family life and the many ways God is teaching and changing us.